Erin K. Jackson

Attorney. Educator. Consultant. Speaker. Pelvic health advocate.

Erin founded Inspire Sante after recovering from years of chronic pelvic pain.  A skilled attorney, inspired public speaker, and health equity advocate, she sought to corral her skills and use them to help others suffering from pain.

Erin has spoken at large conferences like the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting, and she gave the keynote speech at this fall's Michigan Physical Therapy Association conference.  She has been invited to speak at universities, to healthcare clinics, and on several healthcare-oriented podcasts.

Erin is passionate about expanding access to equitable healthcare for women suffering from pelvic and other chronic conditions.  She educates providers about how they can improve the patient-centeredness of their practices, relying upon her personal experiences as a patient to illustrate the failings of unbalanced patient-provider relationships and inequities of the care often offered to women suffering from pelvic conditions.

Erin is involved in organizations which promote women's health and equality, and she volunteers as a clinic escort to help women access reproductive care without harassment or interference. She blogs regularly about her pain journey and health inequities, teaches continuing education courses to providers exploring these issues, and is available for public speaking engagements.