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Erin K. Jackson

President & Founder

Erin founded Inspire Santé™ after experiencing a full recovery from years of debilitating pelvic pain.  Using her healthcare knowledge and patient experience, she speaks at healthcare conferences about the importance of allowing the patient’s goals to guide care.  She blogs about her pain experience and seeks to be a voice of hope for other women suffering. 

Erin is also a healthcare attorney and consultant in Chicago. Through this work, she collaborates with providers to make their practices friendlier and more approachable for a diverse patient population.  She strives to help her clients understand these issues and become industry leaders in patient-centered care.

In the Chicago area, Erin is involved with organizations that promote women’s health and equality.  She sits on the Board of Directors for a girls' health nonprofit and is involved in public health volunteerism.  She is also a published author whose scholarship focuses on the intersection of women’s health and the law. Outside the office, Erin is a yogi, indoor rock-climber, and weekend brunch connoisseur. 

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Caroline Christopher

Social Media & Outreach Coordinator

Caroline attends the University of Miami (Florida). She enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, and tennis. She volunteers at Planned Parenthood and is on their youth advisory board, which aims to help reach and educate teens about birth control. She is passionate about advocating for women's rights and reproductive rights. Caroline will be studying nursing at Miami and is hoping to one day be a nurse practitioner at an OGBYN.

monique costello healthy eating

Monique Costello

Nutrition Advisor, Advisory Board
Member, Board of Directors (C.F.O.)

Monique Costello is an Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Integrative Holistic Health Coach and a Gourmet Cook. After years of a debilitating break down of the body, chronic back pain and unexplained symptoms like low energy, restless sleep, weight gain, and dry skin, Monique found relief in the very same element that fueled her passion, food.

A champion recipe developer once featured on The Food Network, Monique now works as a health educator through corporate wellness programs and one-on-one coaching. She teaches Soma Institute's Health and Wellness certification program and healthy cooking classes at Kendall College along with hosting cleanse programs to help people recognize that food is medicine and it can heal you from the inside. Read more about Monique’s story at


Jessica Gonzales

Wellness Advisor, Advisory Board

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jamie-simkins-mental-health-inspire sante

Jamie Simkins

Mental Health Advisor, Advisory Board

Jamie Simkins, LCPC is the founder of Hemispheres Counseling Center in downtown Chicago. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a certified Holistic Health Coach. Jamie specializes in women's mental health, pelvic pain, trauma, and relationships. When she isn't helping others experience all the goodness life has to offer, Jamie can be found canoodling with her pup, exploring the city with friends, kayaking, or reading on her porch. 

Crosby Theodore Jackson

Chief Snuggler

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Vedrana Todorovic

Member, Board of Directors

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Vedrana Todorovic
Terresa Byrd
Monique Costello
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