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Our Founder, Erin Jackson, is a force of nature dedicated to improving the experience and hastening the recovery of women with pelvic pain. Having lived with pain herself for years before finding providers who listened and offered compassionate care, Erin understands the uniquely isolating and terrifying position of suffering with pelvic pain.

Erin speaks nationally at conferences and events about her experience with pelvic pain and her vision for the future of pelvic health disorders. She is also a sought-after podcast guest and contributing blogger or writer.

Trained as an attorney (with a thriving healthcare law practice in Evanston, Illinois), Erin is an eloquent, engaging, and hysterical speaker who merges her personal experience with her "big picture" ideas.

If you're ready to book her for your event, submit a request form here, and we'll be in touch. Her speaking fees (minus her travel expenses) will constitute a donation to our organization, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

“When Erin speaks about her years living with pelvic pain she does so with a sincerity and honesty that respects the pain and the journey to recovery. She is able to sprinkle in some humor and levity when describing her journey. This allows for her stories to be a bit more manageable and relatable for the audience. She is able to show that even in the face of unimaginable pain, we are still human and we still have to get through life with dignity and love. She is passionate, charismatic and humble. In my opinion, all great qualities to have when you want your story heard.
— Dr. Karen Litzy, Host of Healthy Wealthy & Smart

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