Guest speaker on topics including: 

personal experience with pelvic pain,
invisible or chronic illness,
patient-centered healthcare,
empowering girls and women to advocate for their health,
educating girls and women about how to speak up for their health needs,
health equity topics,
gender discrimination in healthcare and insurance

Guest speaker to groups including: 

healthcare practices,
health graduate programs,
university groups and gatherings,
large-scale conferences,
sex-ed classrooms,
empowerment forums and conferences




Clinic staff training and education about:

making a patient's intake-to-discharge experience at your practice one that respects their values, how to fill the "empathy gap" between providers and patients,
why providers who are kind get sued less,
how to recognize the signs that you're not the right provider for the patient,
how to tell a patient "no,"
where to draw your professional/personal boundaries with "needy" patients,
how to banish the use of accusatory language from your vocab and clinic.




Special guest discussing experience of pelvic pain for:

various media outlets, including print, TV, and podcasts,
lobbying days and trainings with interest groups, associations, and PACs,
guest-blogging opportunities,
support groups, patient events, women's health conferences,
anytime you need a candid and honest glimpse into pelvic health issues.