Our founding purpose

Inspire Santé™ literally means "inspire health."  Encapsulating our purpose, our name illustrates our commitment to not just improving healthcare, but to inspiring change.

Our president, Erin Jackson, battled pelvic pain for years.  Often lost, confused, and isolated in the healthcare system and among her social circles, it took her nearly a decade to find relief.  We aim to support those battling neglected illnesses by inspiring them to continue fighting for their health.  We also educate healthcare professionals about patient-centeredness, believing firmly that it's that focus on a patient's values, goals, and experience that will best effectuate recovery.


"As a healthcare provider, it's your job to inspire your patients to live again. That means reminding them of the joys of life, things they can't even remember experiencing. Suffering is a grotesque challenge, and you're uniquely positioned to inspire them to pursue life anew. The smallest things make the greatest differences."
Erin Jackson

Our not-for-profit nature

We don't think healthcare and profit mix very well.  For example: the cost of braces, hearing aids, and health insurance.  We're out to change the way providers treat those in pain, and to change the way that those who hurt perceive their future.  We seek great things, systemic change, and we want those who work with us to depart with life-improving happy vibes.

We don't have sponsors or generous donors.  Our speaking engagement and educational seminars cover our costs.  We plunge any additional money right back into our organization, fueling travel to new places, communication with new clinics, and outreach to new patient groups.

While we appreciate donations, we would love for you to get involved with Inspire Santé.  Help change healthcare. Who knows -- maybe one day you'll be a beneficiary of the change we're making.