Restoring Hope: A Path Through Pelvic Pain™

Co-taught by Sandy Hilton, DPT, and Erin Jackson.

sandy hilton

sandy hilton

erin jackson

erin jackson


Has pelvic pain caused you to give up things you love?
Does it hurt to sit or wear tight clothes?
Are periods intolerable?
Is sex painful?

This revolutionary course is taught jointly by Sandy Hilton, a women's health physical therapist at Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness, and Erin Jackson, a pelvic pain survivor and president of Inspire Santé™.

Together, Sandy and Erin will catch you up on pain science, educate you about your body, and empower you to be a fierce advocate for yourself in the healthcare system.  Pelvic pain can be a daunting and frightening experience, but Sandy and Erin will demystify it and help you to find the language and strength you need to persevere.

You will gain:

  • A world-class pain science education. What is pain? Where does it come from? How do we stop it? You'll learn about how pain relates to multiple body systems, the variety of symptoms that can manifest throughout a pain experience, and how to distinguish between harmful and nonthreatening pain.

  • A vocabulary for discussing pain. Are you ever at a loss for words when a doctor enters the room? We'll walk you through some crucial vocabulary that can help you better explain and identify your symptoms. We'll also discuss the importance of using words that are true to your pain experience, and how meaningful words can be to those whose symptoms often defy understanding.

  • A self-advocacy toolkit. How do you speak up when a healthcare provider does something that makes you feel uncomfortable? How do you demand more attentive care, empathy, or responsiveness from those tasked with helping you? We'll describe some common hurdles to getting "good care" in today's healthcare system, and we'll give you tips for navigating these with your patience and health intact. 

  • Hope. Who helps women with these sorts of issues? Who survives things like this? Between Sandy and Erin, we'll describe the all-too-typical lifecycle of a pelvic pain experience, from the initial onset of symptoms, to finding help, to restoring hope, and finally, to recovery. What should that journey look like? How can you keep or find hope if you're facing pelvic pain?

  • An openness to funPain and fun often aren't on friendly terms. We reshape your idea of "rehab" by exploring fun, non-scary ways to bring back joy around movement. Learn how to gradually re-introduce sports, activities, traveling, and sex in non-threatening ways that are respectful of your journey.

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