Pain is terrible. In the search for something that would "make it better," Erin found these products.  They don't "fix" the pain, but they might help.  If you have any to add, please share them with us!


Pelvic pain can be particularly tricky one week each month when just "regular girl problems" crop up too.  THINX period panties are comfortable (ridiculously so -- as in, they're some of my favorites in my drawer!), hygienic, and they are fantastic if your pelvic pain doesn't allow you to use tampons, or if your skin is too irritable for pads.  Favorites that I've found to be the most comfy and least restrictive? The thong and sport styles (plus, their return policy is amazing, in case you don't get the right fit the first time).  You can buy them on the THINX website,


Erin recently wrote a blog post about her love for Fin. It's a smooth, lady-designed vibrator that's as un-intimidating and un-scary as possible. For women recovering from conditions that rendered sex, orgasms, or arousal painful, Fin is a wonderfully kind way to remind yourself of how good that part of your body can feel. It's tiny, has multiple speeds, and it need not be inserted anywhere the sun doesn't shine. Read our review of Dame Products' Fin vibrator here. Then get your own! This sweet company is even donating to us with each sale.


This pillow finally stopped my morning neck cricks and aches, which usually resulted from tossing and turning a bunch before eventually dozing off in a crazy position. The company was amazing to deal with, but the best part is the extraordinarily personalized nature of this pillow. You can keep it densely packed with its filling and use it between your knees as you sleep on your side, or you can de-stuff it a bit and use it under your head. (If you're like me, you may even find that it's so comfy it's been stolen by your husband!)

TheraWand pelvic therapy wand


So... you've been told to do some at-home exercises on your pelvic floor.  Where to begin?  Friends of Inspire Sante swear by the TheraWand. Its surface is smooth, and the wand is curved in all the right places, making your home exercise program that much easier.  You can buy one on Amazon here

Go Commandos underwear "patch"


If underwear is too uncomfortable, these are the perfect solution! Go Commandos provide a soft and sanitary cover for the crotch of your pants, with none of the restriction, chafing, or elastics of underwear!  We recommend their sampler packs until you figure out your favorite fabric.  You can buy them on the Go Commandos website,

Medline perineal ice packs

A nurse gave me a perineal ice pack (typically for new moms post-delivery) during an unfortunate hospital visit, and I was hooked.  Cool but not too cold.  Soft exterior without creepy ingredients and dyes.  And... on Amazon! I now keep a box of them in my linen closet, and they've been wonderful as I've become more active and athletic.  Now, one of my favorite things to use them for is after rock-climbing, when I'm feeling sore from the harness or a challenging [mis]step on the wall.  Once you return to sex after pelvic pain, they're also a great tool for changing the input to those jumpy pelvic nerves, giving them something cooling and reassuring to focus on.  Rather than stuffing them in your undies (they're huge), just give yourself a 20-minute break to recline in bed.  You can find them on Amazon: click here.

"Explain Pain" book

Two words: thought viruses.  This is the best book written about pain. Ever.  When I met my physical therapist, she lent me her copy as she began explaining the pain cycle and how the brain creates/processes pain messages.  Everything about this book -- the explanations, the examples, and the illustrations -- are fantastic.  The authors are Lorimer Moseley and David Butler, and you can buy it on Amazon. (P.S.: The Kindle version is super affordable!)

Blossom Organics lubricant

I have my physical therapist to thank for this one too -- she'd received a free sample packet and gave it to me. It's non-irritating, has no funky or artificial ingredients in it, and it also helps work as a natural vulvar moisturizer when necessary.  You can buy it on their website,

Weighted blanket

Along with pelvic nerve pain, I started getting horrible nerve pain through my legs.  At the time, I was seeing a massage therapist who specialized in pediatric spectrum disorders, like autism.  She recommended a weighted blanket, and it was a huge help!  It had a similar effect to when someone applied firm pressure to my legs when they hurt.  They can be pricey, and the weight you order is based on factors like your height, size, and condition, but I've loved mine.