pelvic pain healing week

You need to get better.
We'll help you travel there.

The Inspire Santé Healing Week in Chicago.

Customized for your healing, your body, your spirit.

Doctor. Physical therapist. Talk Therapist. Massage Therapist. Integrative Nutritionist. Reiki Practitioner. Pharmacist.
A place to call home. A ride to your appointments. A week's worth of meals in the fridge. A pup to snuggle.
Women who understand every aspect of your experience.


The Healing Week story.

Our founder, Erin Jackson, lived in a place with no access to pelvic healthcare for years.  She traveled out-of-state weekly for medical services, only to find that she was getting worse as the months wore on.  Eventually, she found a team of providers in Chicago who validated her suffering and facilitated her healing.  No treatment with them ever hurt. She never once dreaded going to her appointments.  And an incredible thing happened: she went from wheelchair-bound with excruciating pelvic pain to being a pain-free athlete.  All because the right people became involved in her care.

So we want to connect you with some of these healers too, and we want to support you through it.  Come to Chicago for a healing week.  We'll handle all of the details -- you just need to show up, mentally and physically.  While you're responsible for the medical costs incurred, you pay us nothing for organizing the trip for you.  We'll make you feel at home, and we hope that it'll be the beginning of your healing journey.  No BS -- just hope.

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The Details

We'll connect you with some great providers.

  • Our overarching message is that you do not need to hurt more to get better.  We'll connect you with pelvic pain providers who believe in that message and will kickstart your healing journey from the moment that you meet.
  • We'll build a team for you of a pelvic physical therapist, pelvic pain physician, a talk therapist experienced with pelvic pain issues, and a massage therapist.
  • Before we schedule your week, you'll give us some very general background info including your symptoms or condition and your insurance information. You'll complete just a single set of comprehensive intake forms that will be shared among the providers.
  • Our providers are already well-acquainted and have great collaborative relationships.  They're accustomed to working together and ready to help you.
  • We also have connections with specialized professionals throughout the Chicago area.  Need a topical medication? We have a compounding pharmacist who we trust.  Need to overhaul your diet? We'll connect you with a nutritionist.

We'll make you feel at home.

  • It can be tough to get treatment away from home. Full stop.  We empathize with that, and we'll do our best to make you feel at home.
  • You'll stay at a B&B that has generously provided us with rooms for the week.  In the fridge downstairs, you'll find your breakfast and lunch, prepared by an integrative nutritionist (and professional chef!) with your dietary specifications in mind.
  • Each evening, you'll have the option to join in our Supper Support group.  We'll eat as a group and discuss our shared experiences, along with our non-pelvic interests and lives.  A social worker familiar with pelvic pain issues will be on-hand each evening and also around the house for one-on-one appointments and support throughout the week. It's understandable if you feel anxious about the week or your new providers. We're working overtime to ensure you feel comfortable and supported.
  • On two evenings during the week, we'll have a group cooking class with our integrative nutritionist (who also happens to be a Food Network-featured chef!). You'll laugh, eat amazing food, and return home with some new kitchen skills.
  • A welcome bag will greet you in your room, filled with self-love goodies to help make your stay more comfortable.

We'll do our best to keep costs down.

  • Oh, how medical costs can rise! We get that, so we'll do everything we can to keep your budget in mind.
  • Whenever possible, we'll connect you with providers who accept insurance.  Those who don't take insurance will provide you with a superbill, which is what you'll mail to your insurance company to get reimbursement (if you have out-of-network benefits).
  • Our volunteers will be your Uber drivers for the week! Have back-to-back appointments in different locations? No problem.  We'll get you from A to B on-time (plus, our drivers are excellent pothole-avoiders).

You certainly have questions. Just reach out and ask them. We want to help.

Donate to the Healing Week Program

If you can donate to support our program, please do.  We do not charge women to participate in a Healing Week, and they pay providers directly for their services.  We survive on donations alone.