Pelvic pain & no panties in a Polar Vortex

The fourth and final installment of my guest blogs for the Women's Health Foundation, documenting my arrival in Chicago and my recovery with Sandy Hilton and Dr. Frank Tu.  Read on!

My last post ended with my arrival in Chicago.  After a two-day, cross-country drive from New Mexico, our UHaul pulled into town.  We arrived in the midst of the 2014 Polar Vortex, the coldest winter that Chicago had seen in 30 years.  My pain was so severe that I couldn’t wear pants or underwear, and the thick sheet of ice covering most of the city didn’t make it any easier to walk normally or navigate a wheelchair.

My husband and I unpacked our UHaul as the snow poured down, and then, surrounded by boxes, we sat on the floor of our apartment (above someone’s garage) and sipped hot chocolate.  What had we done?

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