Sparkle this holiday season: 9 Pain-friendly fashions & the importance of being YOU


Pain often limits your clothing choices. And after spending years in pain, I eventually stopped trying. I turned to men's pajama pants and baggy hoodies, and I bid adieu to what remained of my social life.

When my pain increased, I started choosing clothes based solely upon comfort. A baggy purple striped maxi skirt was introduced to my wardrobe, along with an assortment of drop-crotch harem pants, no matter the pattern or color. Each time I looked in the mirror, I looked distinctly not like myself. It was disarming at first. Then, it just became another part of my identity that was sacrificed to my illness.

When I began recovering, I realized that part of feeling like a human again meant wearing clothes that reflected me again. My all-neutral wardrobe is nearly a uniform: I wear my favorite maroon combat boots, black leggings, and an oversized sweater. I don't wear makeup, so once I add earrings and some mala beads around my wrist, I'm good to go.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and a joyously pain-free existence, I wish I hadn't given in so easily. I wish I'd searched harder for clothes that were both comfortable but also helped me retain a sense of me. When people looked at me and made their first impressions based upon my clothes, I felt deceived by my own self-selected outfit. "It's not at all who I am!," I wanted to scream. 

So, if you're currently in pain and, from exhaustion or frustration, have given up on the idea of finding clothes that are both cute and comfortable, these are my favorite choices for holiday socializing. Take a look, and add your suggestions too.

Happy holidays, sweet ones. I'm wishing you restorative and joyous months ahead.


PS: I'm not paid to promote anything. This is #notanad. ;)

1. Nordstrom crushed velvet socks ($13.50)

How soft do these look? 

2. Eliza J velvet trousers ($128)

Win-win: soft fabric, non-binding wide leg!

3. Trouve metallic pleated skirt ($79)

Yay! Long enough to protect your modesty if you can't wear undies. Plus, it's sparkly and looks cute with booties.

4. Everly satin jumpsuit ($55)

Jumpsuits like this are a dream -- they're soft, loose, and endlessly adjustable (shoulder straps, waist, etc.).

5. ASOS fringe jumpsuit ($72)

The fringe is adorable, and the torso is so loose to avoid constricting your abdomen.

6. Gap velvet cami ($29.95)

While it's technically a sleep cami, no one would know. Plus, Gap Body items are some of the softest gems I've found. 

7. Banana Republic tie-neck dress ($158)

Long and flowy with gorgeous details. This dress is a dream.

8. LOFT off-the-shoulder sweatshirt dress ($69.50)

This one's a bit more casual than the other options, but it could definitely be jazzed up with the right accessories. and it's as cozy as your PJs, so you can collapse into bed without changing when you get home.

9. Free People sequin harem pants ($198)

Harem pants are a gift in the winter when your legs are freezing but other pants are too constricting. These are your new party pants.

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