Dame Products "Fin" Vibrator Product Review: A vibrator for post-pelvic pain solo sex

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The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) reports that a whopping 75% of women find sex painful at some point in their lives. [1] Earlier studies indicate that somewhere between 14% and 32% of women suffer from chronic pelvic pain. [2] For many of these women, sex has become something to be avoided. Sexual arousal -- including orgasm and clitoral stimulation -- may be scary as women become trepidatious about anything that might heighten or exacerbate their pain. 

Many pelvic floor physical therapists have succinct advice about bringing healthy bloodflow to your vulva, vagina, and pelvic region without yet addressing the relational and more complex aspects of partnered sex: start engaging in solo sex (ahem: masturbation). Some women, however, might fear that self-stimulation could replicate the pain they've so frequently experienced with sex. While sex shops are filled with cylindrical vibrators and toys, there aren't many options for female shoppers seeking a decidedly non-penis-evoking experience.

photo copyright: dame products

photo copyright: dame products

Enter: Dame Products' Fin vibrator. If the penis-shaped vibrators lining sex shop shelves are apples, then the Fin vibrator is an orange -- and one that's entirely in its own category. It's a lovely seafoam color that's reminiscent of some gorgeous foggy green glass tiles I installed in a new bathroom remodel years ago. The material is a soft, smooth, seamless silicon with no ridges or edges. It's also teeny tiny, making it non-intimidating, non-scary, and non-penile. (Sorry for all of the penis comparisons, but for women fearful of putting things inside of them, the fact that Fin is designed to stay on the outside of you is a huge selling point.)

Fin's unique shape offers a variety of surfaces you can try out, and I think it would also make an incredibly non-scary introduction to positive touch even with the power off. Because its texture is smooth and it need not be inserted internally, it would be a great way for women to start getting comfortable with self-pleasure again while using a vibrator that has minimal surface area (i.e.: less contact points between your vulva and the vibrator, which can be helpful for those recovering from nerve-related pain!).

A few other benefits: Fin has 3 speeds, it's discreet, it's water-resistant, and it's adorable. Dame also has a great video introduction to Fin on their website.

The verdict:

You should totally buy it! You'll be oh-so-happy that you did. And if you're a pelvic physical therapist, we strongly recommend adding this product to the list of things your post-pelvic pain patients need to try as they get back in touch with their sexual selves. They'll thank you.

Intrigued? Click here to buy your new favorite vibrator. (Added bonus: Dame is generously donating a portion of sales to Inspire Santé, so your vibrator will be going to doubly good use.)

Stay tuned for a future review of Eva II, Dame's equally spiffy vibrator for couples.

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