COOP Home Goods Eden Pillow Product Review: Sweet dreams!

Note: COOP Home Goods sent us a free pillow to sample and review. We weren't otherwise compensated for writing this post, and we're under no obligation to say nice things about them.

I can’t sleep on just any old pillow. When traveling, I loathe most hotel pillows; they either collapse under the weight of my head or are so firm that I can’t get comfortable. In fact, I haven’t ever really found a pillow that I 100% love. So when an ad from COOP Home Goods popped up in my Facebook feed advertising a pillow that’s well-suited to those with chronic pain, I wasn’t immediately convinced. I reached out to the company (which has been amazing to deal with), and they gifted me an Eden pillow to try.

behold the adorableness of their packaging

behold the adorableness of their packaging

COOP included a handwritten note in the box, and their packaging was cute, modern, and felt like a luxury brand. As with all memory foam, the pillow does have a distinct smell, but that abated after the first 24 hours of being exposed to fresh air. I slept on it that first night, and it didn’t bug me, but if you’re really sensitive to such things, I’d just wait a day or two to use it.

Their Eden pillow’s fluffiness and firmness is adjustable. That is, it’s filled with shredded memory foam, and you can add or subtract filling until it suits you just right. After removing the pillow from the box, I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes to fluff. It seemed to be reasonably firm, so I tried sleeping on it as-is that first night. I think of myself as a side sleeper, but as my husband frequently insists, I’m actually a combo side-back-stomach sleeper. It was a bit too firm for my stomach sleeping hours, so I readjusted its firmness for night two. I removed a gallon-sized ziploc bag’s worth of filling and put the pillow back in the dryer for re-fluffing. This ended up being the sweet spot for me on the firm-to-fluffy scale. I slept well that night and woke up without any neck pain.

On the third night, I settled into bed after my husband and couldn’t get properly situated. After a few minutes, I realized why: my now-asleep husband had stolen my Eden pillow and replaced it with his years-old foam pillow. I retrieved my own pre-Eden pillow from the closet and eventually dozed off. In the morning, he was unapologetic and said he’d had an incredible night’s sleep. He’s been a frequent neck-and-back pain sufferer and has been dealing with a herniated disc the past few months, so the fact that he slept 8+ hours and awoke without neck or upper back discomfort was pretty amazing.  

behold more adorableness

behold more adorableness

When I was battling chronic pain, nighttime was one of the hardest parts of the day. I tossed and turned constantly, unable to get comfortable. While I experienced pelvic pain, I also suffered from aches and pains throughout my body -- including my neck and back. The adjustable nature of this pillow would’ve allowed me some small semblance of control over something in my sleep routine. I also know that many chronic pain patients have different sleep styles, and some enjoy side-sleeping with a pillow between their knees. I took a nap with Eden as it came and positioned it between my knees. I think that I may have preferred it even firmer for this purpose, but it’s a position into which I’ll still frequently move the pillow if I’m feeling tender in my low back and want to alleviate some pressure.

Next up for me? I think I’ll be purchasing COOP’s body pillow, which will be perfect for napping (and harder for my husband to steal). They're currently offering 20% off everything for their Father's Day sale, and if you purchase using this link, they're graciously donating some moolah to Inspire Santé, too.

As always, if you try it, let us know what you think! 

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