Me, a success story??

My physical therapist (Sandy Hilton of Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness in Chicago) has asked me: "How many good things, feelings, and inputs is it going to take for you to no longer fear that the pain will return?"  My answer has always been: "I don't know."  She also admits to not knowing.  No one knows.

So, while I ceased regular PT appointments in August of 2015, I still feel a bit uneasy considering myself an athlete, or a healthy person.  I was a sickly patient for so long that it became who I was.

Enter the American Physical Therapy Association, who asked if they could do a story about ME. They wanted to profile me as a success story of physical therapy.  As I thought about it, and the fact that I am "healthy," that I get to call myself "healthy," sunk in.

So, I'm thrilled to share my collaboration with the APTA.  You can listen to my podcast interview on Move Forward Radio here, and then you can read the profile they wrote about me here.